ISOTECH Services

ISOTECH Services include:

  • Hydrostatic and Hydrodynamic Isolation
  • Onsite Cold Cutting and Machining
  • Plain/Open-End Hydro Testing
  • Hydrostatic Weld Testing
  • Conventional Testing
  • Bolting and Tensioning
  • Hot and Line Taps
  • Nozzle Testing
  • General Sub-Contracting Services

ISOTECH SYSTEM - Cold-Cutting, Beveling, Isolating and Hydrotesting

  • ISOTECH provides an onsite machine cold cutting and beveling service using a clamshell machine, much like a portable lathe. This technology allows for fast, accurate and precise machined cuts and bevels without a spark or a flame. It cuts and bevels at the same time. This cutting system avoids potential ignition sources that may be of a concern when contents of the pipe are not known to be below explosive limits.
  • ISOTECH provides an ISOLATION TECHNOLOGY that replaces plumbers plugs and other inferior plugging devices. Our superior technology is the only isolation tool of its kind. The technology provides the unique combined ability to monitor the seal of the tool and to monitor upstream pressure while venting to a safe location. The tool can also be used to perform a hydrodynamic isolation, allowing one to maintain isolation on a line while high-temperature procedures such as stress relief or bake-out are performed.
  • ISOTECH provides a hydrostatic testing technology that enables a weld to be isolated and tested, rather than using the customary blind and hydrotest method (which requires one to fill and pressurize an entire line in order to test the weld). This technology uses only ounces of water to complete a weld test. Our testing technologies eliminate extensive blinding, scaffold building, and full line-filled hydros. Because we use such small volumes of liquid, alternate medium may be used (peanut oil, glycol, etc...).

Other Services Include:

  • Nozzle Testing: hydrostatic leak testing of the nozzle to shell weld using a patented testing system which eliminates the need to fill the vessel while avoiding the need to weld a cap to the inside of the vessel.
  • Controlled Bolting: hydraulic torque and tensioning of bolted connections to ensure joint integrity.
  • Field Machining: milling, flange re-facing, line boring, exchanger work, stud extraction, nut splitting, drilling and tapping.
  • Hot Taps and Line Stops: hot taps to 36" and line stops to 20" as well as sales of custom built equipment.
  • Conventional Hydro Testing: pipe spools, modules and entire installed systems including our patented technologies for sealing plain end pipe.
  • General Sub-Contracting Services: Welding/Fabricating, Sand Blasting, Hydro Blasting, Painting Services, Specialized Coatings, Composite Wraps, Ceramic/Epoxy Coatings, Chemical Coatings, Insulation Work, Building Maintenance, Refractory Work, Transportation Services and Rental of Lighting Towers and Compressors.